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Event Peternakan September 2012 – April 2013

Berikut informasi event peternakan internasional 2012. Saya urutkan berdasarkan Nama Kegiatan/Tempat/Waktu Pelaksanaan/Website :

  1. Feed Formulation Training/Bogor Agricultural University/22 Sept/
  2. 19th Annual Practical Short Course on Aquaculture Feed Extrusion, Nutrition and Feed Management/Texas USA/23 sept-28 Sept/
  3. GreenFeed User Class/South Dakota USA/24 Sept-26 Sept/
  4. International Feed Seminar and Student Meeting 2012/Auditorium James Humutal Hutasoit, Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University Indonesia/
  5. 15th International Feed Technology Symposium “Feed to Food”/3 Oct-5 Oct/
  6. Animal Farming Ukraine 2012/Kiev Ukraine/31 Oct-2 Nov/
  7. International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics/Texas USA/19 Nov-21 Nov/
  8. 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress/Bangkok Thailand/26 Nov-30 Dec/
  9. The 6th Annual International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM)/Sun City South Africa/9 April 2013/
  10. 4th Global Feed and Food Congress/Sun City South Africa/10 Aprl-12 April 2013/

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